It started with trying to change my friend’s world.

My friend is a young, single working woman… and she has a disability. I encouraged her to try some of the big dating sites and she did, but she didn’t know how to put her unique situation out there in the online world nor did most people know how to respond. She just didn’t feel comfortable. We then checked out a few disability dating websites. We found those sites are usually exclusive to those with disabilities and some even go as far to match you based on your disability. Being in a relatable online community is nice but my friend is not her disability! To me, that was the same as telling her to date another brunette just because they had the same hair color. That irked me.

Even more irksome, many people think that it is just not realistic to expect able-bodied people to date those with disabilities. Why in the world not?! Yes, there is a stigma (there is no denying it) but I believe that stigma has shifted. That stigma has shifted from seeing people with disabilities as not date-able to not knowing how to date someone with a disability or even how to date if you have a disability. It has shifted from off-limits territory to unknown territory. I believe the dating world is ready, but they need a guide. This is Love is that guide.

But please be clear, is not a disability dating site. It is a dating site for people of all abilities. We do not expect every able-bodied person to date a person with a disability, though we do hope they will open their hearts to the possibility. We understand that dating is already awkward and it can seem even more overwhelming when you add the unknown etiquette of dating with a disability. With that understanding, we will use our blog to help our members navigate through that awkwardness, whether a disability is involved or not.

We want to help people to FIND LOVE, no matter what package it’s wrapped in. We also want to GIVE LOVE.

What started as a small act of helping my friend find love, grew into a mission to help the entire dating community see love differently, and then that mission grew again. It grew into wanting to help a world in need of one of the most powerful forms of love: charity. While helping people find love, we will also give love by donating half of our profits to charities and those in need.

After all, why limit what love can do? Let’s take away the restraints and show that love is life-changing and world-changing. Let’s show that THIS… romance, friendship, charity… all of THIS is love.