LVG Podcast Interview with LoveAbility Founder

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I’m usually one to fumble over my words and struggle at small talk. So, when the Low Vision Guy asked to interview me for his podcast, I was a bit hesitant. But, I shouldn’t have been. The small talk I was worried about turned into a deep conversation about dating, friendship, and disabilities.

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(Dis)Abled Entrepreneurs

Demarco standing and smiling in front of the Eiffel Tower
Low Vision Guy, Demarco, seeing all the world has to offer.

The Low Vision Guy’s name is Demarco, and he’s a pretty awesome guy. Our paths happened to cross on Facebook when we were both developing new Facebook pages and groups. We were able to offer each other advice and encouragement, which we continue to do.

Demarco’s Facebook page, Disabled Entrepreneurs, provides excellent information for starting your own business, whether or not you have a disability. The page also hosts a book club that brings members together to discuss a book of the month that’s centered around improving your life and career. It’s definitely worth checking out.

But his Facebook page is only one small part of all he has to offer.

The Low Vision Guy

Demarco is making it his life’s mission to help others with disabilities realize their dream careers, or just make extra cash on the side. On The Low Vision Guy website, you will find free resources on how to start your own blog, online store, or side hustle.

Demarco also offers personalized services to help you find or establish the career you are looking for, whether it is finding the right job or marketing your own business.

The LVG Podcast

What better way to encourage people to pursue their dreams than to share stories of those who already have? Demarco launched the LVG Podcast to do just that. It is his goal to shine the light on people in the disabled community who don’t hold back, such as:

  • Low vision DJs
  • Low vision skateboarder
  • Blind snowboarder
  • Low vision makeup artist
  • Blind chocolatier
  • Wheelchair dancer
  • Mother of a child with a disability
  • and more

Demarco asked me to be on the podcast to introduce LoveAbility and discuss relationships in the realm of different abilities. We talked about everything from social perceptions, self-esteem, taking chances, and even our favorite movies.

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