It’s Not About Ability… It’s About Loveability

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People with disabilities have long felt out of place on most dating websites, feeling like they cannot properly represent themselves within the common formats. At, our format, our ads, our dating advice are all developed keeping those with disabilities in mind.

Properly representing people with disabilities is just one part of the mission. We must also address how able-bodied people think about dating those with disabilities and ultimately weaken the stigma that people with disabilities aren’t date-able.

Insecurities exist for both able-bodied people and people with disabilities when it comes to dating each other. We have come to realize that most able-bodied people are not actually against dating a person with a disability. Instead, their tendency to shy away is simply due to not knowing the proper dating etiquette when you add in the disability factor.

Simply put, dating is awkward enough and then you add in yet another element that you are inexperienced with and it can seem overwhelming. That is where our blog comes in. We are going to help define the Do’s & Don’ts of dating when disability is involved and help steer our members through this unknown terrain.

This unknown terrain isn’t just a one-way street for able-bodied people.

Those with disabilities also feel lost in the dating scene. We are going to help them navigate through the same questions as able-bodied people but from the other perspective. When do I tell them about my disability? What if they ask something about my disability that makes me uncomfortable? How can I help them see more than my disability in the dating world?

We plan to address all of these questions and more through our blog.

We at LoveAbility hope that, with time and discussion, we can help everyone get more comfortable with disability, whether it’s your own disability or someone else’s. We cannot allow our own insecurities to get in the way of something great.

It is time we get out of our own way and be open to finding love in any package because it is not about ability… it’s about loveability.


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