Charity… is Love.

Our mission at is to remind the world the words “charity” and “love” are synonymous. It is a mission to show people that if you want to experience love to its fullest, you must also give love without expecting anything in return. We want to complete the experience with our members. We want to help our members find love and we want them to be a part of our community that gives love. And it is our goal to give a lot of it!

Our Goal

Our goal is to give away MILLIONS of dollars to people and charities in need within the disabled community. There are so many remarkable charities that are doing great work and impacting lives for the better. They have huge hearts and giving hands, but their bank accounts are too often empty. There are also many individuals and families who just need a leg up, a boost to give them hope and peace of mind. That’s where we come in. donates half our profits to deserving charities and people in need around the world. Money, when combined with Love, has the power to do good… a LOT of good. That’s why we don’t just give money, We Give Love.

Where does the money come from?

Not from you! Well, not directly. OUR MEMBERS DO NOT DONATE ANY MONEY! We are not a charity organization so instead of soliciting members for donations, we will reach our goal by DONATING HALF OF OUR OWN PROFITS to charities and individuals in need. These profits come from subscription fees, advertisements and every other income source we have. While you use our service like you would any other dating site, we are putting your investment to good use by devoting it to you and to people in need. After we devote funds into running and constantly improving our site for you, our member, we then use the remainder to benefit those in need. So, if you choose to invest in finding love with our site, you are also investing in giving love.

What’s the fine print?

When we refer to donating half of our profits, we are referring to our net income after taxes (NIAT). Put simply, we pay all of our expenses (such as marketing, labor, taxes) and then we donate 50% of the remaining profit.

Prove it!

Since we are a for-profit company, the IRS does not monitor our finances like they do a 501(c)3 charitable organization. How, then, are you to know that we are really holding up our end of the bargain? You’ll be able to verify it yourself! Every year, we will have an independent CPA audit our Profit & Loss Statement and will make it available to you. You can scrutinize it to your heart’s content and, chances are, you’d do a better job than the IRS anyway.

What can you do to help?

The BIGGEST contribution you could make is spreading the word about Marketing is our largest expense, by far. By telling others about you not only help boost our subscribership but also save us on expenses, which means more money will go to charity instead of advertising. Please follow our social media accounts and share our posts. That free promoting will add up to tens of thousands of dollars more being donated to charity.

If you choose to subscribe, you can also help us by nominating charities and individuals who you think deserve a helping hand. We want to help as many charities, organizations, and people as we can, especially those who are near and dear to the members of our online community. That is why we need your help to choose them. Our subscribers also get to vote in our polls that we hold regularly to help decide where charitable funds go.

Where credit is due

None of this would be possible without YOU- that’s the simple truth. Whether you use our free service or subscribe, by choosing our site over any other YOU empower us to do good. YOU are the ones supplying the love, we are just the distributors. Thank YOU!