How to Create a Strong LoveAbility Profile

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First impressions matter.

Studies have shown first impressions are often made between 30 seconds and two minutes of meeting someone. Lucky for you, meeting in an online setting allows you to make the most of those first moments by making the most of your profile. Instead of having 100 seconds to make a good impression, you can take much more time to build a great profile to serve as your initial introduction, enabling you to make the first impression you always wish you could, but may struggle with in person.

Here are some tips on how to make the most of your LoveAbility profile, section by section:

Profile Picture

You NEED a profile picture if you hope to have a real chance of success in the online dating world. Let me clarify something, though. A profile picture isn’t just about showing what you look like, it’s about giving credibility to your profile.

Woman looking thoughtful with a heart-shaped question mark above her headNot having a profile picture raises too many suspicions and makes others have reservations about you before they even read a word. ‘Why don’t they have a profile pic? Are they insecure? Are they too lazy to take a picture? Are they lying about something in their profile that would be evident in a picture?’… Do you see my point?! Don’t make people wary of you before they have a chance to learn about you!

As for what picture you should use as a profile pic, I can write a whole blog on that. In fact, I will shortly.

In the meantime, choose a picture of yourself that clearly shows your smiling face with good lighting and no sunglasses!

About Me

The About Me section is a very important part of your profile that you need to spend some time on.

The first thing you need to know is this section is directly linked to and displayed in the search results. When your profile pops up in search results, others will see your profile picture with a blurb from this About Me section below.

Sample Profile thumbnail of cute girl wearing glasses and sipping a smoothie. Text says 'I'm a quirky girl who loves cafe hopping and reading. I'm looking for...'Keep in mind that only the first part will be displayed with ellipses leading to more if they click on your profile. After completing this section, it’s a good idea to find yourself in the search results to see where your statement is being cut-off and to reword your About Me if the blurb isn’t getting anything across.

Remember, along with your profile picture, this About Me blurb is meant to catch the attention of others who are searching for, well, you!

What message should you send with your About Me?

First and foremost, be mindful of your tone. You do not want to sound like you don’t care or don’t have time to fill out a profile section, let alone have time for another human being. Be upbeat and positive.

A good starting point is following this format: “I am a _____ guy/girl who likes ______. I am looking for a guy/girl who _____”.

This will at least get you started and then as you use LoveAbility over time, you will notice what About Me’s tend to stick out to you and can then adjust the style of your About Me to be similar. After all, if you are attracted to that person’s About Me, isn’t that the kind of person you want to attract to yours?

The Basics

This section is quick and easy to complete and vital in helping others narrow down search results to lead to you. Perhaps the only thing you might hesitate on is the “Looking For” part.

Now listen here, because this is important: There is a reason you can only select one option. We want you to select what you are looking for most on this site.

Man leaning in for a kiss with woman putting her hand up to stop himIf you truly want a romantic relationship, then for the love of love, do not play it safe and select friendship. You don’t want to set yourself up for the friend zone if that is not where you actually want to be!

So please, be honest about what level of intimacy you are looking for.

Me in Three

three fingers held up with sky backgroundThe Me in Three section is an excellent source for others to discover similar interests as you to serve as icebreakers.

By completing this section, others will more readily reach out to you because you are giving them more to work with. For instance, a person is much more likely to reach out to you if they are armed with, “Hey, I love Avengers: Endgame, too! What was your favorite part?” instead of just “Hey, how you doin’?”

Not only is it easier for them to contact you but it’s also easier for you to respond. Wouldn’t you rather the door be opened for you to say “I teared up at ‘I love you 3000′” than the door that only opens wide enough for you to say “I’m good”?

As for the Words to Describe Me, you may want to ask a friend what three words they would use to describe you. You may find they are better at narrowing down your best personality traits than you are.

Digging Deeper

Foot pushing shovel into dirtWe highly recommend you complete at least three of these statements right off the bat and then you can complete more as you have time to do so. This section is where your personality can shine through the most, so take advantage of it!

We suggest you use different statements to show different sides of yourself to give a well-balanced portrayal of you. For instance, use one statement to show your silly side, another your more serious side, and yet another your romantic side.


The images tab on your profile page allows you to create a ‘gallery of me’. Choose photos that are not only flattering but also show you doing some of the things you love, using them to speak for you.

Try to limit how many other people are in the pictures with you and please, oh please, do not use a cropped image that still shows remnants of an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend on your arm. We also suggest ask that you do not post pictures that include kids and instead share those pictures (if you so desire) after you get to know someone better.

Overall, we recommend posting about 4-6 pictures and to swap them out occasionally for new ones.


Our last recommendation is to show your profile to a friend or family member who will not be afraid to critique your profile. Someone who will tell you if you are coming across as a clown or a jerk, or to remind you of a more flattering picture you could use, or to point out any typos or spelling errors you may have missed.

Woman winking and pointing as if to say "I got you"If you don’t have anyone on your speed dial for this sort of thing, then let us be your wingman!

Shoot us a message using the Contact Us form or to [email protected] and we would be happy to take a look at your profile and offer some suggestions.


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