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Is this site really free or are there charges after I sign up?

This site is designed how love is meant to be: unconditional. There are no sign-up fees, no subscriptions, no hidden fees that pop up after you sign up. It is completely free.

What’s up with the Accessible Icon on the website? Is this a disabled dating site?

We designed our website to be accessible to everyone. We strive to make it an easy, safe and comfortable environment for people with all abilities. We often utilize our blog to further educate and open eyes to dating and befriending those with disabilities. When it comes to meeting someone with a disability, we believe that more than anything it’s our own insecurities getting in the way of something great. We need to get out of our own way and be open to finding love in any package. That’s why we include the accessible icon as a shout-out to those with disabilities, just to let them know we’ve got their backs. And thanks to the Accessible Icon Project, we use this much-improved Accessible symbol you find on our site.

Are profiles censored?

Yes. We reserve the right to remove any profile or photograph that we feel is inappropriate for this site at our own discretion. Also, we ask that you do not put any personal information in your profile, including, but not limited to: your home address, your work location, a cell or telephone number, a real e-mail address or personal web address. Any offenders of this rule may be banned from the site. Keep in mind that we do not perform background checks on every user but we do have the right to do so at our discretion.

Is meeting people online safe?

We take the safety of our users very seriously, but there are always risks when meeting new people online and in person. We empower our users to block others with a click of the button and encourage them to report any suspicious or inappropriate behavior. We take every report very seriously and don’t hesitate to delete accounts that threaten the comfort of our users. Please also read our blog on Meeting People Safety Tips: Online and Meeting People Safety Tips: In Person

How do I recognize scammers?

The most common online dating scammer will write you sweet e-mails saying how much in love they are and how much they want to meet you in real life, but they always cancel any plans to meet, usually because of a tragic event. This tragic event now leaves them desperate for quick money that they will promptly pay you back, usually with interest. NEVER EVER GIVE MONEY. These scammers will be convincingly sweet and desperately in need of the money for a good cause (sick child, to come visit you, etc) but you will never see that money again. Watch out for these other warning signs given by the FBI:

Here is an excerpt from the FBI on Recognizing an Online Dating Scam Artist (click here to see full article): Your online “date” may only be interested in your money if he or she: Presses you to leave the dating website you met through and to communicate using personal email or instant messaging; Professes instant feelings of love; Sends you a photgraph of himself or herself that looks like something from a glamour magazine; Claims to be from the U.S. and is traveling or working overseas; Makes plans to visit you but is then unable to do so because of a tragic event; and/or Asks for money for a variety of reasons (travel, medical emergencies, hotel bills, hospital bills for child or other relative, visas or other official documents, losses from a financial setback or criminal victimization).


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