Will people care?

That is the question I got repeatedly when developing this online dating site. “Will people even care that you are donating half your profits?” I would respond with my own question, “Have you heard of Chive Nation?”

What started out as a hilarious picture and video blog known as The Chive, grew into the “greatest community of sexy creatures, generous misfits and crazy hooligans” known as Chive Nation. This community inspired a Random Acts of Kindness movement. These “Chivers” took pride in making a difference in people’s lives, whether it was buying a veteran dinner or bringing a smile to a sick child’s face. Their kindness inspired The Chive to take it to the next step and create Chive Charities. If you’re already impressed, be prepared to be blown away because Chive Charities not only consistently reach their donation goals for each of their causes, but reach them quickly and often far exceed them. Why? Because they have a massive community of supporters who care for the sole purpose of wanting to make a difference.

Those Chivers… THEY are why I believed people would care. THEY are why I believe LoveAbility can make a difference in people’s lives and in this world. Because despite all the negativity in the air, I believe people are GOOD. I believe people care. Chivers have proven that. And I believe if people have the opportunity to help somebody, especially at no extra cost to themselves, they are going to support it.

So here’s to you, The Chive and Chivers: If it wasn’t for your exceptional example, we wouldn’t be here today. KCCO!