Why We Give Love

At LoveAbility, we believe love has the ability to make your world and the world a better place. There are so many remarkable charities that benefit the disabled community and are impacting lives for the better. They have huge hearts and giving hands, but their funding is too often lacking. There are also many individuals and families impacted by disabilities who need extra support and a boost to give them hope and peace of mind. That’s where we come in. LoveAbility gives half our profits to deserving charities and people in need within the disabled community because love has the ability to make a difference.

Why We Give Love
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Where does the money come from for the donations? These donations come from our own profits here at LoveAbility.org. As a dating website, our profits are primarily made from subscription fees. Our members join and use our site like any other dating site, but instead of pocketing all the profits we first pay all of our bills and taxes and then we donate half of the remaining money to charities and those in need. OUR MEMBERS DO NOT DONATE ANY MONEY! But by choosing to use our dating service over any other to Find Love, our members do enable us to Give Love.

Meet Our Recipients

By using our site to find love, you have enabled us to give love to these deserving recipients. We thank you, and so do they

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