YOU are one of our first members! Which means you are AWESOME and AMAZING and part of the LoveAbility crowd now. The problem is, our crowd is still a bit small. But have no fear! We are working tirelessly to turn our dating puddle into a dating pool and then into a dating sea (with plenty of fish… get it?!).

Healthy RootsTree with huge exposed roots
There’s a dirty little secret that other dating sites don’t tell you: fake profiles can be purchased and added to a dating site’s database… by the thousands! Seriously?! Do these sites have no shame?! We are not here to trick you into being a part of a “huge” community. We are here to help you find love in a quality community. It may take some time to grow our membership base, but at least you will know you’re a part of something real.

Plenty of SunlightPlenty of Sunlight

To grow our community, we have all kinds of marketing campaigns lined up, including a bunch of sweepstakes and contests with awesome prizes! This is great news for you because you’ll have a chance of gettin’ some goods while we’re gettin’ some good people to join us. We are going to be singing from the rooftops, but we could really use your voice too. Please, oh please (oh please), follow, share, like and tell your friends about us. We know one of the main reasons you chose LoveAbility is because we are going to give a ton of money to deserving charities… we can’t do that effectively if our subscribership doesn’t grow. Spreading the word is a win-win for us all because we get a bigger dating pool and a bigger donation pool!

Just Add WaterJust Add Water

As we grow, we are going to add more and more great features to improve your love finding experience. We are going to add more search filters, add matching capabilities, build an app, and more. In the meantime, it is vital for our success for you to complete your profile and add a profile picture. Building ourĀ dating pool begins with you! Lead the way and be an ambassador for the soon-to-be greatest dating site that’s ever been. Because c’mon, what other dating siteĀ gives half their money away to their member’s community?!

Watch it BlossomWatch it Blossom

Keep following our blog, reading our newsletter and signing back in frequently so you can see how we are growing. Before you know it, we are going to be full of love!

In the meantime, tie your hair up in a bun, wear plaid and put on glasses that you don’t need ’cause now you can tell the world “I was a part of LoveAbility before it was even a thing.”