America the Beautiful. America the Great. America the Charitable. The United States has ranked in the top 5 of the most giving countries in the world ever since the Charities Aid Foundation introduced the World Giving Index in 2010, taking first and second place most years. Furthermore, according to Giving USA, giving increased across the board in 2016 in all philanthropic categories. Clearly, being one of the most consistently generous countries did not stop us from thinking we could do even more, reaching a mind-blowing $390.05 billion in donations!

We at LoveAbility feel like we can do even more. Yes, that’s right, $390 billion-with-a-B dollars isn’t enough. Why? Because 72% of those donations were given by individuals whereas a measly 5% were given by corporations. Even if you add in the percentage of giving by foundations (since they are often created by corporations) you are still only looking at 30% of the pot. That is much less than HALF of what individuals give. Our hats are off to the individuals but our eyebrows are raised at the corporations.

LoveAbility wants to do better. That is why we laid a philanthropic foundation for our business based on donating 50% of our profits to those in need within the disabled community. Our goal is to help you Find Love while we Give Love. We do not want to gauge our success by the numbers in our bank account but by the numbers of people we help. By doing so, we hope to make a positive difference in our country and a positive impact on corporate philanthropy.

Happy New Year! May 2018 be an even more beautiful, greater and more charitable year for us all!