What’s next?

That is the question both David Vobora and Travis Mills asked themselves when their careers ended, David’s as a professional football player and Travis’ as a Staff Sergeant in the US Army.

They found the answer when they found each other.

After his football career, David Vobora opened a gym for elite athletes. He was training athletes in their prime, finetuning their bodies and helping them reach their peak performance ability. Little did he know that though his mission would stay the same, his athletes would soon have very different abilities.

It all changed when David met Staff Sergeant Travis Mills, one of a handful of surviving quad-amputees. David could have seen Travis as the antithesis of an athlete, but when he looked at Travis he immediately recognized the spirit of one. Travis had a strong heart and a willing mind, but they were trapped inside a weak body. David knew in that instant that he could be what Travis was looking for: a trainer that saw disability as a challenge, not a weakness.

Travis is not alone. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of people like him who didn’t have a place to go after standard physical rehabilitation. Realizing how great the need is, David Vobora transformed his gym into the Adaptive Training Foundation: a gym designed to help people with disabilities better adapt to their physical condition.

The physical strength that ATF athletes gain helps them lead more independent lives, and, perhaps more powerfully, they gain an inner strength that brings a confidence and happiness that they may have been lacking for years on end. The ATF gym is truly a transformative place.

ATF offers its program at zero cost to its applicants, leaving us a role to play in their story. LoveAbility has set the goal to sponsor a 9-week training program. The cost is $4,500 but the reward is priceless. The men and women who complete this program gain a new confidence and freedom that once seemed out of their reach.


Love is more than a feeling, it’s an action. David Vobora took action, his athletes took action, and now LoveAbility is taking action. At LoveAbility.org, we donate half our profits to deserving charities and those in need. There is no doubt ATF is a deserving charity and its athletes are in need, a need that we can help meet. You can leave the donating up to us but we do need you to spread the word of LoveAbility and our mission to help You FIND Love while We GIVE Love. Be a part of the action!

To learn more about ATF, visit http://adaptivetrainingfoundation.org/