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As We Grow

YOU are one of our first members! Which means you are AWESOME and AMAZING and part of the LoveAbility crowd now. The problem is, our crowd is still a bit small. But have no fear! We are working tirelessly to… Continue Reading →

Say This, Not This

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9 Ways LoveAbility is Changing the DATING World & THE World

How we are changing the DATING world:       YOU DON’T PAY EXTRA FOR COMMUNICATION Aren’t you tired of other dating sites using communication as bait to get you to pay to talk to someone or even paying for them… Continue Reading →

How to Create a LoveAbility Shortcut on your Device’s Home Screen

LoveAbility does not currently have an app, but our site is designed to be super mobile friendly and, just like an app, it can be accessed from any device with just a click of an icon! All you have to… Continue Reading →

A Million Dreams

(A parody of A Million Dreams from The Greatest Showman Motion Picture Soundtrack)   They can say, they can say this idea is crazy They can say, they can say this world is fine I don’t care, I don’t care,… Continue Reading →

America the Charitable

America the Beautiful. America the Great. America the Charitable. The United States has ranked in the top 5 of the most giving countries in the world ever since the Charities Aid Foundation introduced the World Giving Index in 2010, taking… Continue Reading →

Don’t Stare, Kids

You weren’t trying to be rude. Your young mind was just trying to figure out why they were in a wheelchair or how they lost their arm or why they walked “funny”. Your curiosity got the best of you and… Continue Reading →

The Best Profile Picture, Scientifically Speaking

Do you want to know my pet peeve of running a dating website? Blurry, red-eyed selfies. It makes me want to pull a Jerry Maguire and net my goldfish into a bag, storm out of the office, and start yelling… Continue Reading →

How to Create a Strong LoveAbility Profile

First impressions matter. Studies have shown first impressions are often made between 30 seconds and two minutes of meeting someone. Lucky for you, meeting in an online setting allows you to make the most of those first moments by making… Continue Reading →

It’s not about ability… it’s about loveability

People with disabilities have long felt out of place on most dating websites, feeling like they cannot properly represent themselves within the common formats. At, our format, our ads, our dating advice are all developed keeping those with disabilities in mind…. Continue Reading →

Shout Out to Chive Nation

Will people care? That is the question I got repeatedly when developing this online dating site. “Will people even care that you are donating half your profits?” I would respond with my own question, “Have you heard of Chive Nation?”… Continue Reading →

How We Give Love

Charity… is Love. Our mission at is to remind the world the words “charity” and “love” are synonymous. It is a mission to show people that if you want to experience love to its fullest, you must also give… Continue Reading →

Dating Safety Tips: Meeting In Person

Meeting in person is an exciting step to building a relationship, but don’t let your excitement outweigh your caution in approaching the situation. Please follow these guidelines for at least the first few dates to help keep you safe. Always… Continue Reading →

Dating Safety Tips: Online

LoveAbility wants to help you find love and friendship. This process can be fun and exciting, but there are certain safety precautions you should take when discovering any new relationship. Please read the following safety tips and guidelines and put… Continue Reading →


Why do you offer a free trial instead of a free membership? A free membership on other sites is equivalent to window shopping. You can walk by and look at what’s available, but that’s it. If you see something you… Continue Reading →

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