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You Find Love

Our mission at LoveAbility is to help You Find Love. We have streamlined online dating to make it accessible and affordable to all. With our Keep It Simple Subscription, you can kiss complicated and expensive memberships goodbye and say hello to one full access, affordable plan.

    Only one monthly plan at one low price. No add-ons or costly "premium" features.

    Every member has full access & open communication.

    Cancel anytime! There are no long-term contracts.

    Only $9.95 per month! That's only 33¢ per day for your chance to Find Love and Give Love.

    Before you pay anything, try our Full Access Free Trial.  NO credit card required!

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We Give Love

Our mission is first and foremost to help you find love. But why stop there? Why not remind the world that "love" is synonymous with "charity"? In addition to finding romance and friendship at LoveAbility, you will find a community where We Give Love... a LOT of love.  

  50% of our profits are donated to charities and those in need within the disabled community.

   We don't solicit you for donations. We make contributions from our own profits on our LoveAbility community's behalf.

   You can help us Give Love by nominating recipients that are near and dear to your heart... a charity, a selfless mentor, a child in need, even yourself!... and together we can make a difference.

How We Give Love
we give love
Loveability Qualities

Best Software

Experience easy-to-use navigation with our sleek and elegant design

Loveability Qualities


Profile questionnaire and blogs designed to better represent those with disabilities

Loveability Qualities


50% of our profits are donated to charities and those in need

Loveability Qualities

Verified Profiles

Verification of email addresses to better protect you

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